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Destar focuses on actively supporting's afforestation projects.
This initiative has created employment opportunities for local and tribal communities.
The organization has planted 356 trees as a part of varied social impact projects. Some of these projects include Trees for Tribal Communities, Trees for Hanguls, Trees for Tigers, Trees for Delhi & Mumbai Metropolitan Region, and Trees for Ecotourism.
Projects entail plantations in various sections of the country, each based on the inhabitants; and wildlife's challenges in that area
This innitiative have provided rural communities with more than 25 workdays and have the potential to absorb approximately 7000 kg of CO2 per year when fully mature.
The social impact projects provide rural and tribal communities with jobs and assets in the form of fruit trees, medicinal trees and other non-timber forest products (NTFPs) for a more sustainable livelihood.
While Trees for Hanguls and Trees for Tigers serve to improve the habitat of endangered species as well as other wildlife in the area.
Projects such as Trees for Delhi or Trees for Mumbai aim to provide a solution in these cities where the problem of pollution is snowballing
Ecotourism projects assist to mitigate the effects of climate change in these ecologically vulner ble areas, allowing tourism to continue while also providing an additional source of revenue for the locals.